Play With Your Food!

Jaelle is ALWAYS hungry! She lets it be known literally every 20 minutes! This simple, no prep idea kept her busy for about 20 minutes, (Bonus: it was an additional 15 minutes before she let me know she was starving again!) I gave her 3 marshmallows and a handful of pretzel sticks and told her to play with her food! Not something she hears everyday! I told her to make as many things as she could thing of. She came up with some creative ideas including a spider, an octopus, a snowman and a birthday cake. Then she enjoyed her snack – as did Jenna! Jenna wasn’t crazy about the creative part, just the consuming part!



April Fools Day

April 1st is usually packed full of tricks and pranks, some of which are deceptive and just plain cruel. I wanted to join in on the fun with my girls but wanted to make sure it was kid-friendly fun. If I get their hopes up for something, I always make sure I do follow through with that. I don’t want any disappointments or feelings of being tricked harshly. Here are some of the things we did last year and this year.

We prepared some red jello. We poured it into a clear tumbler and put a straw in it. Jaelle told her Papaw that she made him some “juice”. Of course when he tried to drink the “juice” he couldn’t get it through the straw. She thought it was hilarious!

IMG_0634 IMG_0637

Since they had the pleasure of being the tricksters first, now it was my turn to get them. At lunchtime, I told the girls I was going to make them some grilled cheese sandwiches. I took a loaf of pound cake and sliced it to resemble the bread. Then I whipped up some orange creme icing (by “whipped up” I mean that stirred the Duncan Hines flavoring packet into the icing). I iced one piece of “bread” with the icing (cheese) and put another piece on top to make the sandwiches. Jaelle and Jenna were both fooled, but very happy to be eating cake for lunch!



Later I’m the afternoon, a few neighborhood friends came over so I decided to play a tiny joke on them as well. The girls had received some dessert shaped sidewalk chalk for Easter. I thought it was the perfect time to bring them out. I asked the kids if they wanted some dessert, of course they all replied “yes!” I put the chalk onto a plate and served it to the kids. Jaelle recognized that it was the chalk, but her friends did not. One tried to take a bite of the “popsicle”. They had fun decorating the sidewalk with the chalk, then I offered them some actual popsicles. Even after coloring with the chalk, Jenna couldn’t resist tasting it!

IMG_0645                      IMG_0644

Last year, I told Jaelle that we were going to have doughnuts for breakfast the next day. I took Cheerios and iced them and put sprinkles on them. I put the tiny doughnuts in a Krispy Kreme doughnut box. Then I served the tiny doughnuts for breakfast. Jaelle thought they were so cute, but quickly asked for a real doughnut. Of course I had actual size doughnuts too.


For dinner I made meatloaf cupcakes complete with pink “frosting”. I prepared the meatloaf as normal, but instead of shaping into a loaf, I put it into a cupcake pan. (I actually cook it this way all the time now. It makes nice serving sizes for the kids.) For the “frosting” I made mashed potatoes and stirred in a couple drops of pink food coloring. It was a big hit! After dinner we made actual cupcakes for dessert.


Act 10

In writing this post, I will be revealing one of my most recent “blonde moments”. Back in February, my aunt and I took the girls to the Louisville Kid’s Fair. While we were there enjoying our time and all the cool festivities, we saw a sign that said “Grandparent’s Day is Sunday”. What??? I am usually pretty on top of all the holidays but apparently I had forgotten all about Grandparent’s Day! The next morning which was Sunday, the girls and I scurried around the house trying to come up with something to make for MomMom and Papaw. We ended up making a very cute “ice cream kit”.  Jaelle found a tissue box in her collection of trash that she refuses to throw away because she “can use it for crafts”. Gee, I wonder where she gets this stuff? It worked perfectly to house 2 different types of ice cream cones, a variety of sprinkles and a mason jar filled with homemade hard shell ice cream topping (goes on liquid, turns hard when cold). I found the recipe on Pinterest and just happened to have the ingredients. The girls made it and especially loved taste testing to make sure it was alright. Here is a link to the website for the ice cream topping.

I found two sundae cups on clearance. I used some napkins that I had left over from a party to jazz up the top of the mason jar. I also put them in the sundae cups to coordinate and tie everything together. Originally I was just going to put a tag on it that read “Just add ice cream” but I wanted them to be able to enjoy it with the girls so I added ice cream to the gift.


Insert Blonde Moment here: About an hour before we were headed over to give the best grandparent’s in the world their gift, it dawned on me that Grandparent’s Day is not in February, it’s in September! Apparently, it was only “Grandparent’s Day” at the Louisville Kid’s Fair. They had a special offer where one grandparent got in free with the purchase of a child’s ticket! Silly me! The girls were really very excited to eat, I mean, give their present to MomMom and Papaw so I didn’t tell them any different. We went over and enjoyed our ice cream kit with them. If anyone deserves to celebrate Grandparent’s Day twice in a year, it is them!

Act 9

I recently had a co-worker that was very helpful during a stressful time. She made repeated phone calls on my behalf and spent about a month and half with me at the top of her priority list. All of our communication had been over the phone and email. I had never actually met her in person. When the ordeal was over, I dropped by her office with this little treat to thank her.


Act 8

My next few Acts are in absolutely no order. This is what we made for Jaelle’s teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day.

teacher appreciation-001

I asked Jaelle several questions over the course of the week about her teacher. What does she ALWAYS say? Why do you love her? Would she be on Santa’s nice or naughty list and why? Then I wrote down her exact answers. I typed them up, printed them out and glued them onto popsicle sticks. We had really been wanting to try out the new frozen yogurt place, Orange Leaf, so this gave us the perfect reason to go! The girls sampled just about every flavor before deciding which flavor to choose. I let them choose 2 toppings to put on their frozen yogurt.

They LOVED it!


Image We got her teacher a gift card while we were there. I thought it would be cute to package the gift in a yogurt cup. I put tag on the front that read “Here’s the scoop… We love you!”  It was a very simple gift, but as a teacher myself, these are the gifts that are most appreciated. This would also work great for an end of the school year gift too!

Long Time, No See! :)

I saw a post on Facebook tonight that reminded me of the reason I started this blog in the first place. My cousin posted about how she was inspired by my girls and I to complete an act of kindness of her own. That is what I love to hear! She , in turn, inspired me to get back to blogging, in hopes of inspiring more people!

 I should be on Act 21 right about now, but we have had a rough couple of months.  I will be picking back up on posting and will definitely be trying to catch up on all my Acts! I have done a few in the past few months and will post about them shortly. 2013 has been rough on us! My step daughter was in a life threatening car accident. Thankfully, she is doing much better now. My husband was laid off from his job. My dad spent a couple weeks in the hospital with Pancreatitis. I have been laid off of my job effective June 30th.  I have always heard people say that things happen for a reason and that God has a plan. I always thought it was just something people said to make you feel a tiny bit better when you are down. I now 100% agree with those statements. My step daughter realized just how strong of a woman she was by going through her accident and most importantly her recovery. My husband got laid off 2 days before my dad got sick. He helped my dad at the shop (family owned and operated business) when he returned to work, which was the day after he got out of the hospital.  My husband was able to drive my dad and help him at the shop so he could go home and get the rest that he needed. My dad started feeling almost back to normal about a month and half after his illness began which is exactly when my husband was offered a job. A new, improved, way better job than he had previously! I don’t have a silver lining yet on my lay-off, but I believe, now more than ever, that everything will work out. Fingers crossed that I am recalled into my position before the beginning of next school year. Long story short…things really do happen for a reason! Looking forward to catching up on lots of posts from the past few months! Have a great day!

Act 7

My “act” this week is kind of a secret so I am not going to post about it yet! Hopefully it will run it’s intended course and I will be able to share it with you in around 16 weeks! 🙂