1st Snow…again!!!

After our first snow experience of the season we went about our day as normal. Today that consisted of the girls spending time with MomMom while I went to the shop and then a birthday party. On the way home from the birthday party, Jaelle said “Oh man! I didn’t get to make my snow angel because I was too cold!” So I promised her that when we got home, I would bundle her up and we would go out so that she could make her snow angel. Only one problem…when we got home she was knocked out! She and Jenna both slept until 7:30 pm. When they woke up it was already dark outside. Jaelle assumed that her chance to make a snow angel was gone.  I pulled out all the snow gear, again! When normally we were putting on our nite-nites, we were instead bundling up to make snow angels.  Jaelle found a relatively good patch of snow and laid down to make her angel. She did two horizontal jumping jacks and was done! She jumped up and said “O.kay, I did it! Let’s go in!

DSCN4889         DSCN4888


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