Egg-cellent week!

On our last week of Holiday break we have been soooo lazy! There have been a few several days that we did not get out of our nite-nites until it was time to get into the bath. So since our attire was appropriate, we decided to have breakfast for dinner one night. Jeffery asked Jaelle if she wanted eggs like Mommy (scrambled with cheese) or eggs like Daddy (over easy). She wanted “runny in the middle” eggs so Daddy started on hers. We asked Jenna also but she answered only with “no” (by far her favorite word) so scrambled it was for her! While we had the eggs out, Jeffery got a few out to hard boil for his tuna the next day for lunch. Knowing that Jaelle would be hungry five minutes after eating dinner, I asked him to add one more for her. She quickly said “I don’t like hard eggs, I only like the soft ones!”  I explained to her that it is boiled in it’s hard shell and that when we peel the shell off, the egg is soft, but it is still called a hard boiled egg. Once boiled and cooled, I let the girls help me peel one of the eggs. Pointing out how it was hard with the shell on and then soft without the shell. Dinner and a science experiment – I was feeling pretty good about my Mommy skills! Until about 10 minutes later, everyone else was hanging out in the living room, resting our full bellies when Jenna comes in and says “Egg!” I thought she wanted a hard boil egg so I went into the kitchen only to find this mess on the floor…ImageApparently, Jenna was not finished with our little science experiment! 🙂


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