One proud Momma!

Jaelle starting showing interest in learning to tie shoes a few days ago, which surprised me since she NEVER wants to wear shoes that actually tie! Just boots for my little darling! I made her a practice board today. First I dyed some shoelaces that we found in one of our many junk drawers. I fillled two cups halfway with water and then put in several drops of food coloring. I did one pink and one blue. I let the laces soak for about 30 minutes. I took them out of the water and let them dry on an old towel while we went about our day.

Dying the shoe laces

Drying the shoe laces. Don't mind the stained up is my "crafting" towel.

Drying the shoe laces. Don’t mind the stained up towel…it is my “crafting” towel.

During rest time, I drew shoe shapes on 2 pieces of cardboard. I figured Jenna would want to practice as well (I was right!)  I used an ice pick to poke holes in the shoe shape for the laces. Since I was making two practice boards, I cut the shoelaces in half and tied the two colors together. Then I used the dual colored laces to lace up the practice board. Now they were ready for the girls!


Jaelle did it on the first try! She had tried several times in the past couple day with a shoe on her foot, but I saw somewhere that it is easier to first learn in your lap. Also, the dual colored laces make it easier to tell them which lace to work with.  I was so proud, as was she!

image image


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