Act 2

I wanted to drop some baked goods off at the fire department. That being said, I know that I wouldn’t eat homemade treats if some random person brought them to me, so I decided to go with store bought (and sealed) cupcakes. We tied a ribbon around them, added a Random Act of Kindness card and a little explanation and headed for the fire department. Our spring-like winter was over and it was freezing and raining outside. Jaelle carried them up to the door for me. We rang the bell and when the firefighter came out, my little shivering helper just about threw the cupcakes at him. We thanked him for his service to our community. He was surprised and appreciative. When we got home, Jeffery teased “Wheres’s my cupcakes?” Since I know him all so well and had anticipated his response to me giving cupcakes away, I opened the cabinet where there was another store bought package of cupcakes hidden there just for him!cupcakes


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