Act 3

I had so many options/ideas this week so I decided to go with the one that was taking up the most space in my living room. While up in the attic searching for something else, I came across a tub filled with my old winter coats. I also found quite a few winter coats and outerwear that both girls had outgrown. I washed them all (twice) since some of them had been in the attic for a couple of years. My next task was to find a place that needs/wants the coats. I decided on Wayside Christian Mission. As I was leaving for work, I saw on the news that White Castle was having a coat drive, but I did not have enough time to get there before work. I headed downtown to drop the coats doff. As I was driving a saw a young woman, standing at the bus stop. She was shivering and only wearing a thin sweater on the coldest day yet (my car said 12 degrees). As I was crossing traffic and parking to offer her a coat, she got on to the bus. 😦 The rest of the coats were delivered to Wayside and graciously accepted.


Here is our coat donation (minus one of mine and two of the girls’ coats that were still washing)


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