Rice anyone?

The girls enjoyed playing in their sensory box while I made dinner. I emptied a bag of rice into a container and put a few toys in for them to play with. The first time that I did this with both girls was over the summer. I filled the container halfway with rice and toys and went outside with it. Within minutes, Jenna had almost emptied the whole thing. She was grabbing it by the handfuls and throwing it. She had it everywhere, in her hair, down her shirt, and yes, it was later discovered in her diaper! I vowed that this will always be an outside activity. That is until today! As mentioned earlier, I downsized on the amount of rice and I put a tablecloth under the girls to try to contain the mess. They had a blast! When they were finished, I poured the rice out of the tablecloth and back into the container for next time. Surprisingly, Jenna refrained from throwing the rice. She did much better and kept most of the rice on the tablecloth, not in the container, but still good!


(Notice the pile of rice in front of Jenna)


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