Act 6

I think this has been  my favorite “act” so far this year. A friend of mine has a younger cousin that I have never met yet he has made such an impression on me. His name is Aiden.  Aiden is 8 years old and fighting for his life again for the second time. He was diagnosed with cancer as a toddler and beat it after a long battle. Around his 8th birthday the cancer returned, and once again he is faced with this terrible disease. However, his spirit can not be broken. Along with the support of his family, Aiden has taken charge of Legos for Leukemia Ky Division. Legos for Leukemia KY is an organization that collects new, unopened Lego sets. Then, Aiden and his team deliver them to children on 7West (the cancer wing) at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Legos are a great way for children receiving chemotherapy to pass the time during their hospital stays. To help out, we bought a lego set to donate. We really wanted to do more, but couldn’t really afford to purchase more. so with a little bit of thinking, Jaelle came up with the idea of making cards. We used the girls’ Legos and paint to stamp designs onto the cards. We figured that maybe Legos for Leukemia Ky could put their logo on them and pass them out with the Lego sets.


We really wanted to do something for Aiden since he is such an amazing young boy. After much deliberation, I decided to make him a travel lego case. I know it won’t hold the huge, advanced lego sets that he is so good at creating, but I thought it would be perfect for car trips or short doctor appointments. My dad made me  two designs to personalize the case with. I couldn’t decide which one to use, so I put one on each side. Hope he likes it!

image  image

Please check out the Facebook page for more information and to find out how you can help!  Go to and search Legos For Leukemia by Aiden


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