Act 6

I think this has been  my favorite “act” so far this year. A friend of mine has a younger cousin that I have never met yet he has made such an impression on me. His name is Aiden.  Aiden is 8 years old and fighting for his life again for the second time. He was diagnosed with cancer as a toddler and beat it after a long battle. Around his 8th birthday the cancer returned, and once again he is faced with this terrible disease. However, his spirit can not be broken. Along with the support of his family, Aiden has taken charge of Legos for Leukemia Ky Division. Legos for Leukemia KY is an organization that collects new, unopened Lego sets. Then, Aiden and his team deliver them to children on 7West (the cancer wing) at Kosair Children’s Hospital. Legos are a great way for children receiving chemotherapy to pass the time during their hospital stays. To help out, we bought a lego set to donate. We really wanted to do more, but couldn’t really afford to purchase more. so with a little bit of thinking, Jaelle came up with the idea of making cards. We used the girls’ Legos and paint to stamp designs onto the cards. We figured that maybe Legos for Leukemia Ky could put their logo on them and pass them out with the Lego sets.


We really wanted to do something for Aiden since he is such an amazing young boy. After much deliberation, I decided to make him a travel lego case. I know it won’t hold the huge, advanced lego sets that he is so good at creating, but I thought it would be perfect for car trips or short doctor appointments. My dad made me  two designs to personalize the case with. I couldn’t decide which one to use, so I put one on each side. Hope he likes it!

image  image

Please check out the Facebook page for more information and to find out how you can help!  Go to and search Legos For Leukemia by Aiden


Act 5

The Kentucky Humane Society was doing a presentation at Jaelle’s school. She went through Hoagie’s stuff and found a bag of treats that he doesn’t really care for. She took them to school to donate them. The best feeling that comes from doing the Acts of Kindness is when my girls want to do them also!


No more naked Barbies!

We had a snow day today, but instead of playing outside and taking the chance of one of the girls getting sick (again), we stayed inside. We did lots of different things but my favorite was playing dress up with some of the dozens of naked Barbies that the girls have. I let each of the girls pick out a nail polish color for me to use. I painted bathing suits onto the Barbies so they would always have on some type of clothing. I had two reasons for doing this: 1. My husband is always asking why all the Barbies are always naked and 2. Jenna gets very frustrated when trying to put on the Barbie clothes. Maybe the painted on suits will satisfy everyone. We only did three to make sure the paint stays on and I was getting a headache from the fumes of painting three Barbies and forty nails!Image


Act 4

I saw on Facebook that a friend from high school recently started couponing. I picked up a Sunday paper with the sole purpose of giving her the coupon inserts. Before I met up with her, I also got coupons from my aunt and Mom that they weren’t using. I dropped  the coupons off at her house. She was excited to get the coupons.  She told me that she will teach me all her couponing tips and tricks when I am ready. It was nice to see her again. I think we figured it had been around 12 years since we had seen each other last. Jaelle  pretty much invited herself back over next weekend, so maybe it won’t be too, too long before we get together again!

Coupon Queens!

Coupon Queens!

Rice anyone?

The girls enjoyed playing in their sensory box while I made dinner. I emptied a bag of rice into a container and put a few toys in for them to play with. The first time that I did this with both girls was over the summer. I filled the container halfway with rice and toys and went outside with it. Within minutes, Jenna had almost emptied the whole thing. She was grabbing it by the handfuls and throwing it. She had it everywhere, in her hair, down her shirt, and yes, it was later discovered in her diaper! I vowed that this will always be an outside activity. That is until today! As mentioned earlier, I downsized on the amount of rice and I put a tablecloth under the girls to try to contain the mess. They had a blast! When they were finished, I poured the rice out of the tablecloth and back into the container for next time. Surprisingly, Jenna refrained from throwing the rice. She did much better and kept most of the rice on the tablecloth, not in the container, but still good!


(Notice the pile of rice in front of Jenna)

Act 3

I had so many options/ideas this week so I decided to go with the one that was taking up the most space in my living room. While up in the attic searching for something else, I came across a tub filled with my old winter coats. I also found quite a few winter coats and outerwear that both girls had outgrown. I washed them all (twice) since some of them had been in the attic for a couple of years. My next task was to find a place that needs/wants the coats. I decided on Wayside Christian Mission. As I was leaving for work, I saw on the news that White Castle was having a coat drive, but I did not have enough time to get there before work. I headed downtown to drop the coats doff. As I was driving a saw a young woman, standing at the bus stop. She was shivering and only wearing a thin sweater on the coldest day yet (my car said 12 degrees). As I was crossing traffic and parking to offer her a coat, she got on to the bus. 😦 The rest of the coats were delivered to Wayside and graciously accepted.


Here is our coat donation (minus one of mine and two of the girls’ coats that were still washing)

Act 2

I wanted to drop some baked goods off at the fire department. That being said, I know that I wouldn’t eat homemade treats if some random person brought them to me, so I decided to go with store bought (and sealed) cupcakes. We tied a ribbon around them, added a Random Act of Kindness card and a little explanation and headed for the fire department. Our spring-like winter was over and it was freezing and raining outside. Jaelle carried them up to the door for me. We rang the bell and when the firefighter came out, my little shivering helper just about threw the cupcakes at him. We thanked him for his service to our community. He was surprised and appreciative. When we got home, Jeffery teased “Wheres’s my cupcakes?” Since I know him all so well and had anticipated his response to me giving cupcakes away, I opened the cabinet where there was another store bought package of cupcakes hidden there just for him!cupcakes