Act 10

In writing this post, I will be revealing one of my most recent “blonde moments”. Back in February, my aunt and I took the girls to the Louisville Kid’s Fair. While we were there enjoying our time and all the cool festivities, we saw a sign that said “Grandparent’s Day is Sunday”. What??? I am usually pretty on top of all the holidays but apparently I had forgotten all about Grandparent’s Day! The next morning which was Sunday, the girls and I scurried around the house trying to come up with something to make for MomMom and Papaw. We ended up making a very cute “ice cream kit”.  Jaelle found a tissue box in her collection of trash that she refuses to throw away because she “can use it for crafts”. Gee, I wonder where she gets this stuff? It worked perfectly to house 2 different types of ice cream cones, a variety of sprinkles and a mason jar filled with homemade hard shell ice cream topping (goes on liquid, turns hard when cold). I found the recipe on Pinterest and just happened to have the ingredients. The girls made it and especially loved taste testing to make sure it was alright. Here is a link to the website for the ice cream topping.

I found two sundae cups on clearance. I used some napkins that I had left over from a party to jazz up the top of the mason jar. I also put them in the sundae cups to coordinate and tie everything together. Originally I was just going to put a tag on it that read “Just add ice cream” but I wanted them to be able to enjoy it with the girls so I added ice cream to the gift.


Insert Blonde Moment here: About an hour before we were headed over to give the best grandparent’s in the world their gift, it dawned on me that Grandparent’s Day is not in February, it’s in September! Apparently, it was only “Grandparent’s Day” at the Louisville Kid’s Fair. They had a special offer where one grandparent got in free with the purchase of a child’s ticket! Silly me! The girls were really very excited to eat, I mean, give their present to MomMom and Papaw so I didn’t tell them any different. We went over and enjoyed our ice cream kit with them. If anyone deserves to celebrate Grandparent’s Day twice in a year, it is them!