Act 8

My next few Acts are in absolutely no order. This is what we made for Jaelle’s teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day.

teacher appreciation-001

I asked Jaelle several questions over the course of the week about her teacher. What does she ALWAYS say? Why do you love her? Would she be on Santa’s nice or naughty list and why? Then I wrote down her exact answers. I typed them up, printed them out and glued them onto popsicle sticks. We had really been wanting to try out the new frozen yogurt place, Orange Leaf, so this gave us the perfect reason to go! The girls sampled just about every flavor before deciding which flavor to choose. I let them choose 2 toppings to put on their frozen yogurt.

They LOVED it!


Image We got her teacher a gift card while we were there. I thought it would be cute to package the gift in a yogurt cup. I put tag on the front that read “Here’s the scoop… We love you!”  It was a very simple gift, but as a teacher myself, these are the gifts that are most appreciated. This would also work great for an end of the school year gift too!